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Angled 21 Bat Dugout Rack

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Price: $300.00
Retail Price: $330.00 (Save $30.00)


Angled 21 Bat Rack

16" tall x 46-1/4" wide x 11" deep

Painted in the color of your choice, all angled bat racks can be placed beneath a helmet rack.  This conserves dugout space and allows easy access to player's bats in their individual sleeves.  Includes team logo on the front of the Bat Rack at no additional cost.  Angled Bat Racks also offered in 15 bat, 13 bat and 8 bat options, with custom sizes available.  Bat slots are made with partially open bottoms to drain water & melting snow.  Made to be left outdoors all year. Concrete wall attachment hardware is included.  Fence attachment hardware is available for an additional $15 cost.  Angled bat racks are perfect for any level baseball or softball program.  We accept purchase orders.
Shipping $40 for 1st, $30 for 2nd, 3rd... with $150 Maximum Shipping - No matter the quantity ordered             

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