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Balance Pods

Balance PodsFloor Balance PodsBalance Pod Set
Balance PodsFloor Balance PodsBalance Pod Set
Price: $14.95



  • Balance Pods are used for improving balance, coordination, stabilization, and body awareness. These are essential skills for athletes to possess. All sports rely heavily on them due to the importance in achieving precise movements necessary for an athletic skill to be performed effectively.
  • Balance Pods can be arranged in patterns on the floor with the athlete moving from pod to pod, maintaining balance.
  • The flat side can be placed down for less difficulty or rounded side down for more instability and a greater challenge. 
  • Ideal for barefoot training.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Sold in pairs (2).
  • Each colored pod is 3" high and 6" wide. Colors may vary.
  • Improves ankle stability & mobility.


  1. Use as stepping stone (flat part down) then as athlete progresses the distance length & width gets extended in stages. (Not a jump but a stride distance).  NOTE Athlete should be using ball of foot only.
  2. Then progress to different patterns assuring athletic balance for moving in multiple directions.
  3. Can have athlete do karaoke steps also.
  4. Put flat side up for advanced balance drill.

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