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PV Tee

PVTee Batting TeeProMounds PVTee Pro Mounds Batting Tee
PVTee Batting TeeProMounds PVTee Pro Mounds Batting Tee
Price: $99.00

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  • Height adjusts from 29" to 47".
  • Made with high-quality materials, the durable, long-lasting PVTee is designed to withstand the wear and tear of repetitive use by top players and coaches.
  • With its patent pending design, the PVTee was lab tested with over 4,000 mis-hits showing no wear and tear. This tee was truly; "Meant to be Hit!".
  • The PVTee utilizes a unique magnet to allow the Tee to break down in one second and be put in the equipment bag for travel.
  • It has a weighted base that holds the tee in place, and its flexible pivot joint allows the impact of a mis-hit to be realized in the pivot joint, not the other tee components.
  • The flexible pivot joint also takes the impact away from the batter's hands and helps eliminates bat damage.
  • The flexible pivot joint will have the tee back to the upright position before you are ready to put the next ball on.
  • Allows for continuous training by being virtually impossible to tip over.
  • Replacement tops also available.

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