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Elbow Buddy

Price: $89.95



  • The Elbow Buddy™ was developed as a companion product to the Shoulder Tube™ at the request of an athletic trainer and a physical therapist.
  • They required a shorter, lighter plyometric device that could be used with clients who were undergoing rehabilitation or were otherwise not physically strong enough to use the Shoulder Tube™ effectively, and for exercise regimens requiring motion closer to the body. The Elbow Buddy™ answered their need.
  • Similar to The Shoulder Tube™, the Elbow Buddy™ provides the overhand athlete twelve and under an ideal way to condition and prepare the shoulder for the act of throwing. The deliberate oscillation of the Elbow Buddy™ in a slow, rhythmic fashion by moving the arm will cause the counterweighted ends of the Elbow Buddy™ to change directions stretching (eccentric phase) and shortening (concentric phase) the affected muscle group. The position of the Elbow Buddy™ and the direction it is flexed determines the muscle groups that are exercised.
  • Controlling the omni-directional movement of the counter weights as the device is being moved through the shoulder’s full range of motion causes increased flexibility and blood flow to the shoulder complex. The construction and flexibility of the round shaft device permits the athlete to exercise the shoulder at an intensity that is self-determined. The more energy that is used to move the device results in greater energy levels returned to the shoulder by the rotational motion of the counterweights.

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