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Double Flat Rung Agility Ladder

Price: $49.95



  • Ladder’s overall 14-6" L x 32” W & fits into an included carrying case. 
  • Flat 16-1/2” wide rungs.
  • Improve lateral agility and footwork while improving quickness and total body control.
  • Easy storage.
  • Ideal for developing quickness, balance and coordination.
  • Promote efficient lateral movements and quick changes of direction to enhance speed and agility.
  • Use effectively as a warm-up device before workouts or competition.
  • Suitable to use indoors or out.
  • Ladder colors may vary.
  • Adjustable flat rungs easily accommodate straight line and lateral movement drills. 
  • Narrow the distance for drills requiring short, quick steps & increase the distance for drills encouraging longer strides.
  • Excellent for high intensity short duration drills focused on developing explosive speed and movement patterns.

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