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Flat Rung Ladder

Price: $24.95



  • Ladder is 16" wide and the space between rungs is adjustable.
  • Available in 15 foot and 30 foot lengths.
  • Increase foot speed.
  • Ideal tool for improving acceleration, footwork, and quickness.
  • Great warm-up tool.
  • Outstanding sports training accessory requiring mental focus.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Drills using the agility ladder require multidirectional foot movement enhancing dynamic balance, coordination, agility, and quickness.
  • Excellent device to complement a full body warm-up routine prior to an intense workout.
  • Durable plastic rungs lie flat to reduce tripping during drills.
  • For personal, institutional or commercial use.
  • Colors may vary.

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