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Economy Batting Tunnel Frame

Universal Batting Tunnel FrameBatting Tunnel FrameBatting Cage Frame
Universal Batting Tunnel FrameBatting Tunnel FrameBatting Cage Frame
Price: $999.00

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Standard Batting Tunnel Frame

  • Available in 55' or 70' long tunnels -- NET NOT INCLUDED.
  • Universal, semi-permanent design works with any brand netting.
  • Designed for nets that are 12’ high and up to 14’ wide.
  • Frame sections are pre-drilled for 12’ wide and 14’ wide nets.
  • Heavy-duty construction features 12 gauge end sections and 16 gauge middle sections made from round 1.9” dia. galvanized steel tubing for superior strength and durability.
  • Heavy-duty ground sleeves are 30” long and made from round 2.375” dia. 9 gauge galvanized steel tubing.
  • Each frame section is 16’ wide (on center) to allow for around 1’ of spacing between a 14’ wide net and the frame, preventing ball deflection.
  • Middle sections are taller than end sections, and utilize long eye bolts to create additional spacing between the net and the top of the frame, preventing ball deflection. The ceiling height is set to provide 6”- 9” of net on the ground to trap balls from coming out.
  • Shipping cost not reflected in the price - call 708-634-2099 for a quote.

Kit Includes: Frame sections, Ground sleeves, Eyebolts, Turnbuckles, Cable clamps, Steel cable, Steel spring clips

4 section frame pictured, 55' tunnel would be 3 section frame.

Call 708.634.2099 or email

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