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Bolt Drag
SKU: 04998

Price: $237.88

6ft Wide Bolt Drag
Measures 70½" Wide & 16½" Deep
46 Cutting Teeth

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Heavy-Duty Red Water Hose
SKU: 01702K

Price: $0.00 - $304.82
Heavy- Duty all Purpose Watering Hose
Available in 50', 75', 100' & 150' Lengths In 1"
Available In 50' & 100' in 3/4"


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Batter's Box Standard Template

Price: $120.00

2 Sizes: 3x7 for Softball and 4x6 for Baseball
1" Square Galvanized Steel Construction
Solid Frame Keeps its Shape


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General Purpose Broom
SKU: 01679

Price: $51.00

24" Broom with 3" Durable Polypropelene Bristles
Super-Strong with Unique Gusset Bracing System
You Will Not Find a Better Braced Broom

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Batters Box Foldable Template

Price: $164.52

Available in 3 Sizes
3'x6', 3'x7' & 4'x6'
Little League, Softball, & Baseball

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Double Play Rake

Price: $59.00 - $65.00

Heavy-Duty DP Rake Available in 24" or 36" Size
Short Teeth to Break Up Hard Areas
Long Teeth to Groom

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Groundskeeper Kit
SKU: 02876K

Price: $0.00 - $520.00

Groundskeeper Kits for Below Ground Water Connection 
Includes Everything You Need to Conveniently Water Your Infield
Groundskeeper Kits & Groundskeeper Hose Kits Available

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Sports Field Conditioner Combo Pack
SKU: 04998EDK

Price: $494.95

Includes Bolt Drag & Eraser Mat
Transport Dolly & Tow Chain

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Batters Box Fully Adjustable Template

Price: $164.52

Fully Adjustable Batter's Box Template
Little League, Softball & Baseball Size

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Field Rake

Price: $40.00 - $53.00

Available in 24", 30", or 36" Wide Field Aggregate Rake
Engineered to Specs of Professional Ground Crews
Durable & Lightweight with Oversized Teeth for Easy Field Grooming

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