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Heavy-Duty Red Water Hose
SKU: 01702K

Price: $0.00 - $304.82
Heavy- Duty all Purpose Watering Hose
Available in 50', 75', 100' & 150' Lengths In 1"
Available In 50' & 100' in 3/4"


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Groundskeeper Kit
SKU: 02876K

Price: $0.00 - $520.00

Groundskeeper Kits for Below Ground Water Connection 
Includes Everything You Need to Conveniently Water Your Infield
Groundskeeper Kits & Groundskeeper Hose Kits Available

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Hose Adapters
SKU: 01907

Price: $11.25

Adapt Water 3/4" Spigot to 1" Hose
or 1" to 3/4" Hose

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Liberty Two Wheel Hose Cart
SKU: 05059

Price: $269.80

Professional, Commercial Garden
& Landscape Cart 


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High Impact Fire Nozzle
SKU: 01738

Price: $27.95

Bright Red Thermoplastic Fire Nozzle
High Impact Plastic with a Rubber Bumper Guard
Choice of 3/4" or 1" Inside Dimension Thread

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Hot Shot Professional Nozzle
SKU: 02597

Price: $74.95

Considered to be One of the Top Nozzles
Available with 1" Hoses Only

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Diamond Pump
SKU: 01424

Price: $109.95

Water Removal Pump

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Puddle Pillow
SKU: 01539

Price: $87.95

10 Pillows per Case
Can Absorb 3.5 Liters of Water
Reuse Many, Many Times


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