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10" Pro Pitching Mound - Two Piece

Available in Green or Clay Color102-Piece Pitching Mound10Available in Green or Clay ColorAvailable in Green or Clay Color10
10" Pro Pitching Mound -- 2 piece10" Pro Pitching Mound - Two Piece2-Piece Pitching Mound10" Pro Pitching Mound10" Pro Pitching Mound -- 2 piece10" Pro Pitching Mound -- 2 piece10" Pro Pitching Mound -- 2 piece
Price: $1,500.00


Innovative 2 piece design allows this pitching mound to be more portable, easier to use, handle and store. It is a professional-style mound and manufactured using high-density foam.  Includes skid-proof technology that will not damage any gym floor surface.


  • Mound has moveable pieces that allow the width of the mound to increase up to 6' wide.
  • Artificial turf covering is safe for cleats.
  • Pitching mound is lightweight with high-strength construction.
  • Safe for outdoor and indoor play.
  • Quick custom interlocking system for stability.
  • Stagger the 2 pieces & develop pitcher's strides towards home plate.
  • Non-slip bottom.
  • Easier to store a two-piece vs a one-piece pitching mound.
  • For young pitchers who fly open on delivery.
  • 4'W x 9'L x 10"H: Weighs128lbs.
  • 89" from front of pitchers plate to the end of the mound to accomodate strides for all levels of pitchers
  • Available in two colors -- green and clay : please select desired color above
  • Shipping cost not reflected in the price - call 708-634-2099 for a quote

Call 708.634.2099 or email

"This is the best indoor mound our program has ever purchased. They are very easy to transport and the ability to move the lower piece allows us to work with our players who struggle with their direction to the plate"
Steve Sakosits, Head Baseball Coach
Earlham College, Richmond IN

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