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Admiral Water Cooler Rack

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Admiral Water Cooler RackAdmiral Cooler RackAdmiral Water Cooler RackAdmiral Cooler RackAdmiral Water Cooler RackOutdoor Water Cooler StandWater Cooler Holder for DugoutsOutdoor Water Cooler Stand
Price: $220.00


Admiral Cooler Rack

The "Admiral" measures 21-1/8"H x 23-5/8"W x 14-1/4"D and is a must have for team dugouts.  Allows players easy access to water from the shorter Gatorade cooler popular at many school athletic events.  Has a 5" tall by 20-5/8" wide cubby for cups storage.  Attach to wall and free up valuable bench space for players.  There is no assembly required and is perfect for youth fields that play multiple games in a day.  Available with sponsor or team logo at no additional cost.  Purchase orders are accepted.  Shipping is $30 for 1 or $50 for a pair.  Admiral will ship free when ordered with any of our Eagle, Hawk, Falcon or Condor dugout benches or Premier, Geary or Player Storage racks with $150.00 maximum shipping cost -- subject to additional $50.00 delivery lift gate fee if fork lift or loading dock is not available.

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"At  Loyola Academy, we could not be happier with the benches, helmet rack, bat rack, netting, and the water cooler rack that Dave has provided us. The service, quality product, and expertise that Dave has are second to none."
Matt Smith - Asst Varsity Baseball Coach

Loyola Academy, Wilmette IL

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