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Trigon Cleat Cleaner

Player Cleat CleanerDugout Cleat Cleaner
Player Cleat CleanerDugout Cleat Cleaner
Price: $76.37



  • Used extensively by Major League Baseball.
  • The rugged all-rubber construction will remove mud from cleats quickly providing better traction, improved maneuverability, decreased injuries, and cleaner dressing rooms.
  • Install it on the mound, outside the locker room door, around the team bench area, in bullpens, or in the dugout.
  • Can be mounted to treated lumber and buried in the ground for permanent installation or thrown down for temporary use.
  • Perfect size for home use, on the field, or in the car for use after those games on muddy fields.
  • Holes in each corner for stake-down on the 88 spike option.
  • Easy hose down clean up.
  • 88 rubberized spikes.
  • Cleat cleaner measures 12" x 11"

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