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Geary Dugout Storage Rack

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Price: $325.00


Geary Storage Rack  -  Your Dugout Organizer

The Geary is storage designed for individual player needs.  Open top design is perfect for shorter dugouts while providing the decorative look that makes it our most popular above bench dugout storage organizer.  Our standard 7’-6” length offers a choice of 5, 6, 7 or 8 cubbies per rack.  Storage cubbies inside dimensions will be; 8 boxes (10-3/8" wide/cubby), 7 boxes (12" wide/cubby), 6 boxes (14-1/8" wide/cubby) or 5 boxes (17-1/8" wide/cubby).  Centered below each cubby is a premium double coat hook for player jackets & bags.  The Geary measures 11-1/4” deep and 12-1/2” tall with additional 3-1/2” hook strip below (16” total).  Storage rack is painted with Sherwin-Williams “premium all surface enamel” in team color of choice.  All but the back panel is top quality MDO Signboard (20 yr manufacturers warranty product). This means the Geary is made to be left up all year, eliminating need for winter storage at your sports complex.  Concrete wall attachment hardware included.  Custom sizes also available.

Note: For chain link fence dugouts, we recommend upgrading the exterior plywood backing to a 1/2" MDO (A.K.A Exterior Duty Overlay EDO) signboard backing and our custom fence hardware. Call for details.
Ships for $150 maximum -- no matter how many you order -- subject to additional $50.00 delivery lift gate fee if fork lift or loading dock is not available

Call Anytime O:708.634.2099, C:708.846.4119 or email
We accept School purchase orders & booster club orders 

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