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Infield Skin Tarps

Skin Tarp Regulation BaseballBaseball Infield Skin Tarp
Skin Tarp Regulation BaseballBaseball Infield Skin Tarp
Price: $4,658.00


Infield Skin Tarps

  • Designed to manage moisture on the infield skin (dirt areas).
  • MLB (90' bases) & Little League (60' bases) sizes available.
  • Made in two arched overlapping sections with a 1" overlap onto the outfield grass.
  • Plastic handles approximately every 10' for easier movement.
  • Grommets at 5' intervals. 
  • 6 oz. reinforced polyethylene.
  • Ground anchor stakes & sandbags not included. See related items below to purchase. 
  • MLB Skin Tarp = 36 Anchor Stakes, Baseline Tarp = 36 Anchor Stakes, Little League Skin Tarp = 24 Anchor Stakes, Baseline Tarp = 24 Anchor Stakes
  • Product is available with or without 2 baseline tarps or the baseline tarps (6' x 90') Or (6' x 60') for Little League only: select desired option above.
  • Weight approx: 370 lbs for Regulation and 230 lbs for Little League per section.
  • Shipping cost not reflected in the price - call 708-634-2099 for a quote.

Call 708.634.2099 or email

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