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Mastodon Hitting Cage

Mastodon Batting TunnelMastodon Single Batting TunnelMastodon Hitting Cageheavy duty outdoor batting tunnelMastodon Batting TunnelMastodon Batting CageMastodon Batting Cage
Mastodon Batting TunnelMastodon SingleBatting TunnelMastodon Hitting CageMastodon Hitting CageMastodon Batting TunnelMastodon Batting TunnelMastodon Batting Tunnel
Price: $8,300.00


Mastodon Batting Tunnel

  • Top of the line single & double outdoor batting tunnels.
  • 4 black heavy-duty 8-5/8” diameter poles.
  • Double cages can be placed side by side or end to end.
  • Choice of 55' or 70' long.
  • Choice of 12’ or 14’ wide hitting tunnels.
  • Nets can be 12’ or 14' tall (14' tall nets available in 14' wide only)
  • 42 lb Weight Nets with Entry Flaps.
  • Double cages have a 2' wide neutral area.
  • All hardware included.
  • Also available in 80' length.  Call for pricing.
  • Footprint to the center of 8-5/8' diameter poles is 5 feet longer than net & 3" wider. Example a 70' x 12' cage is 75' x 12'-3".
  • Poles are sunk 4'-6"
  • Shipping not included.  Call or email for a shipping quote. 

Call 708.634.2099 or email

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