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Discus Cage

Discus CageDiscus CageDiscus CageDiscus Cage Replacement Net
Discus CageDiscus CageDiscus CageDiscus Cage Replacement Net
Price: $2,350.00



THCSA14 - Aluminum Discus Cage
Heavy duty 14' x 58' UV 3mm weather resistant net, 6 premium quality cantilevered 2-7/8" dia. aluminum poles, 16' height. 2' Ground sleeves to be set in concrete, 14' net height. Easily raised & lowered. Product comes with spectator warning signs. Exceeds NFHS specifications. SKU: THCSA14

THSCAN14 - Steel Discus Cage
6 square 14' angled steel poles 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" powdercoated white, includes 20" groundsleeves, poles 12'4" above ground, pulley system to easily raise & lower net, 3 warning signs, 14' x 55' net, Exceeds NFHS specifications. SKU: THSCAN14

THSCAN - Steel Discus Cage
(6) - 2 3/8" steel plated poles 12' in length, angled at the top. Net hangs 16" inside the uprights. Ground sleeves 21" set in concrete. Sleeve has an 11" socket which the upright sits in for a Net height of 10' 4" from ground to top of pole. 12' x 55' net is heavy-duty 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" mesh. Net hooks to quick release clips for easy raising and lowering of net. Net bottom is attached to poles with Velcro. Three warning signs are attached to net. Keep distance of 15' for safety reasons. Designed to meet all National Track Federation specifications. SKU: THSCAN

We also offer replacement nets & parts, call or email for details

Shipping cost not reflected in the price of the Discus Cages - call 708-634-2099 for a quote

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