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Track - Take-Off Boards

Track - Take-Off BoardsTrack - Take-Off BoardsPoly HS Take-Off BoardTray.Track - Take-Off Boards
Track - Take-Off BoardsTrack - Take-Off BoardsPoly HS Take-Off BoardPoly HS Take-Off BoardTrack - Take-Off Boards
Price: $810.00


Stackhouse Take-Off Boards 
Tray System - SKU: TTSS    

This 8” wide tray system is the most popular tray system for both college & high school. The weatherproof high-density urethane top surface of the board makes an excellent take-off surface. The take-off board is mounted to a steel framework with 6 adjusting bolts so that you can level the board with the runway surface. The heavy-duty tray is made of a bright zinc plated steel.

International Take-Off Tray System – SKU: TTICS
Made the same as the TTSS board with the addition of a foul board & cover.  Foul board is made of ½” plywood and can easily be taken out and plasticine put in for meets. Cover is made of heavy-duty steel.

Poly High School Take-Off Board – SKU: TPOLYTB
48” x 20” poly take-off board eliminates durability and cracking problems often experienced in wood boards.  Long lasting poly surface comes with a 5 year warranty. This two part poly board has a softer texture ¾” top board for better plants.  Attached to ¾” grey poly under board to eliminate warping.

For permanent installation in synthetic runways, this 48” x 20” stainless steel tray system works with the TPOLYTB take-off board. Drain holes for all weather conditions.

Long Jump/Triple Jump Take-Off Board – SKU: TLT
This official take-off board is made with the same technology as our TPOLYTB. 48” long by 8” wide. ¾” polyurethane top surface on 1-1/2” x 8” plastic underboard. 

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