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Track - Vault BoxesPole Vault BoxSteel Vault BoxTrack - Vault BoxesTrack - Vault BoxesSteel Vault Box
Price: $950.00


Stackhouse Vault Boxes

Stainless Steel Vault Box - SKU: TSSVB
Smooth finished stainless-steel box made of 12 gauge stainless steel. Will not rust, crack or split.  The preferred box for universities, colleges & high schools. Top quality box that will give years of trouble-free use. 

Steel Vault Box - SKU: TSVB 
Heavy gauge steel featuring a curved front lip which eliminates it as a pole obstacle even when the runway is run down.  Has flared sides and 105 degree angle. 

Steel Lid – SKU: TSVBL
For Stainless Steel (TSSVB) & Steel Vault box (TSVB). 

Welded Aluminum Vault box – SKU: TWAVB
Thick wall 5052 aluminum welded construction ensures this vault box will last the lifetime of your track. The 1/8” walls and ¼” bottom and backstop make this the strongest vault box in the industry. Meets all NFHS, NCAA & IAAF specifications.

Welded Aluminum Lid – SKU: TWAVBL
For Welded Aluminum Vault Box (TWAVB). Aluminum lid is ¼” thick and uses supports in the middle to ensure lid always has flush appearance. Lid sits flush with top of vault box and may be covered with all weather track material. Pictured Above

Cast Aluminum Vault Box – SKU: TCAVB
High quality vault box is designed to give years of trouble-free use. Thick walled aluminum casting will not warp, crack or rust. Inside corners are rounded for easy rotation of pole in box. Ideal for universities, colleges & high schools who are looking for a top of the line vault box that meets all IAAF, NCAA & NFHS specifications. 

Cast Aluminum Lid – SKU: TCAVBL
For Cast Aluminum Vault Box (TCAVB). This lid is designed to give attractive level top surface for when TCAVB is not in use.  Lid has textured finish to match look of TCAVB but may also have synthetic surface applied to match runway. Pictured Above   
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